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  • Is Singapore a Small Country?

    By: admintest admintest | Aug 07, 2017 | Hits: 4249

    As Singapore’s 52nd national day draws near, my thoughts have turned increasingly towards our beloved country, Singapore. I have also been reflecting on the recent debate between two good friends, Kishore Mahbubani and Bilahari Kausikan, on the diplomacy of small states. The question which I would like to answer in this essay is whether Singapore…..

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  • Is Singapore’s Hub Status at Risk?

    By: admintest admintest | Jun 16, 2017 | Hits: 3680

    Hardly a day passes these days without some news item that breathlessly reports yet another threat to Singapore’s regional hub position. There is much concern about China’s mega projects under its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which some say will create rivals to Singapore. There is also talk about our neighbours’ ambitions to displace Singapore…..

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  • Is Singapore the New Sick Man of Asia?

    By: admintest admintest | Dec 27, 2016 | Hits: 1862

    On Dec 8, I read in the online publication Asia One a report emanating from Hong Kong about the Singapore economy. The report stated that “morale in Singapore is at rock bottom” and that “some economists call Singapore the new sick man of Asia”. The report motivated me to think more deeply about the current…..

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