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  • The tension between north and south in China’s history

    By: IPS Editor | Feb 01, 2019 | Hits: 845

    Singapore’s place in the world depends so much on its place in the region. It’s a region that is gaining in importance, in part because there has been a general shift and recognition that it is in the heart of a new dynamic economic region called the Indo-Pacific region. This is of course nothing new……

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  • Pavlovian Conditioning and ‘Correct Thinking’ on the South China Sea

    By: admintest admintest | Apr 01, 2016 | Hits: 1170

    On a global scale, China is not a clearly revisionist power. But Beijing wants to reclaim something of its historical centrality in East Asia. The United States has emphasised that it intends to remain an East Asian power. The strategic challenge for China is therefore how to shift the US from the very centre of…..

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