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  • Commentary: Behind the public shaming of one wealthy elite, a disturbing but growing divide

    By: IPS Editor | Sep 03, 2018 | Hits: 2491

    On Monday (Aug 27), soon after news of Audrey Tay, the daughter of The Hour Glass founders, pleading guilty to taking drugs and causing a car crash that uprooted a divider broke, netizens flooded social media with harsh comments. Yet, many comments were not about her wrongdoing, but focused on her inherited wealth and how her privilege may cushion her…..

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  • Building resilient communities in the age of disinformation

    By: admintest admintest | May 11, 2018 | Hits: 1805

    Ten million Chinese migrant workers entering Indonesia, a long-haired male journalist portrayed as a female election volunteer for the governor of Jakarta, as well as uprisings of Buddhists and Muslims in Myanmar – what do these have in common? They are all disinformation making their rounds on online platforms and closed-group channels such as Facebook…..

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  • Getting Singaporeans to pay for news

    By: admintest admintest | Jan 02, 2018 | Hits: 2321

    The recent upheavals in the news industry in Singapore have sparked a conversation on the future of news organisations. How do media companies like the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), which announced that it would terminate 230 staff members by year-end, remain competitive on a rapidly changing media landscape? What can small online publications like The…..

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  • Silver lining in the battle against fake news

    By: admintest admintest | Nov 02, 2017 | Hits: 1798

    Younger people are more likely to believe they are less susceptible to falling for fake news, an optimistic bias that could hurt their ability to discern the truthfulness of online information. That is one of the findings of a recent survey conducted by the Communications and New Media Department at the National University of Singapore…..

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  • Fake News Mind Traps

    By: admintest admintest | Sep 22, 2017 | Hits: 1970

    Debates surrounding how to counter fake news typically focus on what regulation, technology companies, media literacy and fact-checking can do. The focus on different types of counter-measures, while important, tends to omit the one thing that is common to all types of misinformation – the human psychology behind information use. Understanding the root cause of…..

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  • Our shrinking political blogging scene

    By: admintest admintest | Sep 11, 2017 | Hits: 8442

    Political blogging reached its most vibrant point in the lead-up to the 2015 General Election. New blogs were coming online, and existing ones produced an unprecedented amount of political news and commentary. Now, the numbers have shrunk, with sites shutting down or becoming less active or dormant. As of August 2017, slightly more than a…..

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  • Fake News Tells More Than Just Lies

    By: admintest admintest | Mar 29, 2017 | Hits: 2395

    At the Committee of Supply (COS) debate earlier this month, several Members of Parliament (MPs) expressed concerns over the rise of fake news, noting that it may have influenced voter behaviour during the Brexit referendum and the 2016 United States Presidential Election. MP Ong Teng Koon (Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC) also said that fake news has…..

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  • [The Angle] Battle for Eyeballs: Online Media in the 2015 Election

    By: admintest admintest | Sep 11, 2015 | Hits: 4331

    Compared to the 2011 election, GE2015 has seen a flowering of new political media sources online. The mainstream media online websites and old players such as The Online Citizen (TOC) and Yawning Bread are still there. But the last four years have seen very pro-PAP entities coming on stream as well as those in the…..

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  • [The Angle] Social media’s role in Dr Chee’s comeback

    By: admintest admintest | Sep 08, 2015 | Hits: 4428

      The “Dr Chee factor” – that is, the resurgence and embrace of Singapore Democratic Party leader Chee Soon Juan (CSJ) as a candidate to vote for – has been one of the surprises of this year’s general election. A large part of it is a result of social media.  Social media has enabled many…..

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  • [The Angle] Insights from GE2011: Youths, media and voting during the elections

    By: admintest admintest | Sep 07, 2015 | Hits: 2355

    A lot of discussion in the upcoming election has centred on youths and how they will vote in the coming election. Other questions on how they use different media, particularly online media, and whether there is a generation gap between them and the older voters. For the 2011 election, Assistant Professor Trisha T. C. Lin…..

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