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  • CareShield Life: What’s fair versus what’s right

    By: IPS Editor | Aug 02, 2018 | Hits: 1547

    The debate over the recently announced national severe disability insurance scheme CareShield Life seems to be on the issue of actuarial fairness of premium pricing. Gender differentiated premiums require women to pay premiums 23 per cent higher than men of equivalent age. Other groups such as older cohorts currently in legacy ElderShield schemes (CareShield Life’s…..

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  • Recognising dementia symptoms and raising awareness

    By: admintest admintest | Oct 16, 2015 | Hits: 3944

    Last Saturday (10 October) was World Mental Health Day. In Singapore, the first National Mental Health Week to raise awareness of mental illness and to reduce the stigma around it began in 1987. Mental disorders can be a complex combination of both genetic and environmental or lifestyle factors. Early diagnosis and access to treatment are…..

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