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  • Is Singapore the New Sick Man of Asia?

    By: admintest admintest | Dec 27, 2016 | Hits: 1856

    On Dec 8, I read in the online publication Asia One a report emanating from Hong Kong about the Singapore economy. The report stated that “morale in Singapore is at rock bottom” and that “some economists call Singapore the new sick man of Asia”. The report motivated me to think more deeply about the current…..

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  • When Saving Jobs Can No Longer Ensure Welfare

    By: admintest admintest | Feb 23, 2016 | Hits: 2912

    Governments traditionally adopt two types of labour policies to alleviate recession pains. The first focuses on maintaining a minimum standard of living through entitlement programmes, and the second focuses on maintaining employment through lowered wages. However, with more traditional occupations being disrupted by rapid technological change, the choices governments face in the future will no…..

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