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  • Death Education is Life Education

    By: IPS Editor | Aug 01, 2018 | Hits: 2606

    With the advent of life-sustaining medical treatments that can artificially prolong the lives of those with terminal illness, death has become more complicated. Families and healthcare professionals face moral decisions in choosing between life-sustaining treatments and comfort care: when is the right time to detach the ventilator and let a loved one or a patient…..

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  • Concerns about parents hot-housing pre-schoolers

    By: admintest admintest | Aug 25, 2017 | Hits: 1445

    In his National Day Rally speech, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong highlighted the Government’s commitment to enhance pre-school education. It is indeed timely for Singapore to extend its focus to pre-school education, given research on the positive impact of early childhood experiences on life outcomes. Access to pre-school education also boosts social mobility, as many…..

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  • Creating the Commonwealth of Families

    By: admintest admintest | Feb 02, 2017 | Hits: 1591

    In 2015, the Ministerial Committee on Ageing unveiled a S$3 billion national plan to help Singaporeans age successfully. The plan had three key thrusts to ensure that Singapore provided “opportunities for all ages”, and was a “kampong for all ages” and a “city for all ages”. Today, there are plans to co-locate childcare centres and…..

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  • Why Friends Matter

    By: admintest admintest | Jul 25, 2016 | Hits: 1789

    Close family ties are a mainstay of Singaporean life. The 2013 Survey on Social Attitudes of Singaporeans (SAS), released in a research paper by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) earlier this year, found that 83 per cent of the respondents would turn to their families when faced with financial difficulties and other troubles.

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  • Recognising dementia symptoms and raising awareness

    By: admintest admintest | Oct 16, 2015 | Hits: 3951

    Last Saturday (10 October) was World Mental Health Day. In Singapore, the first National Mental Health Week to raise awareness of mental illness and to reduce the stigma around it began in 1987. Mental disorders can be a complex combination of both genetic and environmental or lifestyle factors. Early diagnosis and access to treatment are…..

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