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  • Why reading should be a compulsory subject in school

    By: admintest admintest | May 25, 2016 | Hits: 8054
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    Let’s make reading a compulsory subject in our primary and secondary schools. In fact, let’s make it examinable too. This idea might seem hare-brained at first glance. But I believe that it will transform us not only as individuals but also as a nation. The benefits of reading are widely established. As I argued last…..

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  • Getting to the Heart of Great Public Spaces

    By: admintest admintest | Jan 07, 2016 | Hits: 2478

    The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has flagged the start of car-free Sundays in the Civic District and Central Business District this year. This move to make the area people-friendly is part of a $740 million plan, announced in the 2015 Budget, to revitalise the Civic District and transform it into “an integrated arts, culture and…..

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  • [The Angle] Battle for Eyeballs: Online Media in the 2015 Election

    By: admintest admintest | Sep 11, 2015 | Hits: 4331

    Compared to the 2011 election, GE2015 has seen a flowering of new political media sources online. The mainstream media online websites and old players such as The Online Citizen (TOC) and Yawning Bread are still there. But the last four years have seen very pro-PAP entities coming on stream as well as those in the…..

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  • [The Angle] Social media’s role in Dr Chee’s comeback

    By: admintest admintest | Sep 08, 2015 | Hits: 4428

      The “Dr Chee factor” – that is, the resurgence and embrace of Singapore Democratic Party leader Chee Soon Juan (CSJ) as a candidate to vote for – has been one of the surprises of this year’s general election. A large part of it is a result of social media.  Social media has enabled many…..

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  • [The Angle] Insights from GE2011: Youths, media and voting during the elections

    By: admintest admintest | Sep 07, 2015 | Hits: 2356

    A lot of discussion in the upcoming election has centred on youths and how they will vote in the coming election. Other questions on how they use different media, particularly online media, and whether there is a generation gap between them and the older voters. For the 2011 election, Assistant Professor Trisha T. C. Lin…..

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  • [The Angle] Insights from GE2011: Does the Internet help increase voters’ political knowledge?

    By: admintest admintest | Sep 07, 2015 | Hits: 2121

    During the current election, voters who read the mainstream media will often find that it tells a consistently different story about facts, events and issues from alternative media websites such as The Online Citizen. Some have dismissed the Internet – or at least alternative websites – as an irrational space that confuses people. Others have…..

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  • [The Angle] Insights from GE2011: Political discussion during elections in Singapore

    By: admintest admintest | Sep 05, 2015 | Hits: 1893

    In Singapore elections — as elsewhere — people form political opinions including views about parties and whom to vote for based on what they read in the media, what they hear at rallies and what they discuss with others. The emergence of new media such as the Internet and mobile phones has led to more…..

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  • [The Angle] The value of diverse views in “political listening”

    By: admintest admintest | Sep 04, 2015 | Hits: 2095

    Does size determine reach or influence in the blogosphere? Preliminary research from a study of the blogosphere by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) and Singapore Management University’s Living Analytics Research Centre suggests not. This is due to the “political long tail” online, where blogs with infrequent updates or non-partisan opinions can suddenly become a…..

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  • [The Angle] Mobilising political supporters online

    By: admintest admintest | Sep 04, 2015 | Hits: 2371

    Here in Singapore and in many countries, the Internet holds a strong allure for political parties and candidates during election time because of its instant connectivity and wide reach. During Singapore’s General Election (GE) in 2006, the author of the blog Yawning Bread, Mr Alex Au, threw new media into the limelight when his dramatic…..

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  • [The Angle] Almost everything you want to know about media use, political traits and other aspects of voters in the 2011 election

    By: admintest admintest | Sep 03, 2015 | Hits: 2729

    Discussions about the use of media during elections in Singapore are often based on speculation or incomplete data at best. To get a clearer, data-based sense of the state of media and its use in the 2011 election, the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) carried out a survey shortly after the polls. The survey also…..

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