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The Institute of Policy Studies is located at:

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The IPS Commons team welcomes contributed essays on Singapore policy issues, and other topics of national interest. Pieces selected for publication will be listed in one of the following categories:

  • Arts, Culture and Media
  • Demography and Family
  • Economics and Business
  • Politics and Governance
  • Society and Identity
  • Other topics

Guidelines for contributing to IPS Commons

  • The piece should be between 800 and 1,200 words, and submitted in a Microsoft Word document.
  • Please include your full name and contact number in your e-mail, and indicate the name that should be used for the commentary byline. No pseudonyms, please.
  • Please include a brief description of your expertise/interest in the topic you are writing about.
  • First publication rights are preferred but if you are submitting a piece that has previously been published, please include the details of where it appeared and the date of publication.
  • The IPS Commons team reserves the right to edit contributions for clarity and language. The edited copy will be sent back to you for final approval before it is published.