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  • Singapore’s Success Depends on Not Being Afraid to Change

    By: Peter Ho | May 18, 2017 | Hits: 2347

    It is possible for small city-states such as Singapore to shape and create not just markets, but also their operating environments, said former head of civil service Peter Ho. He draws hope from the fact that Singapore’s small size gives it the agility to course-correct and to make whole-of-nation changes. Furthermore, responding to uncertainty and…..

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  • Review Immigration Criteria to Foster Integration

    By: Eugene Teng | May 09, 2017 | Hits: 1066

    In recent weeks, there has been renewed public debate on revising the application process for permanent residency in Singapore. For instance, some feel the application fee should be raised or the criteria made more stringent. Overseas, countries such as Australia are also reviewing their immigration procedures. Since 2010, the number of permanent residents (PRs) and…..

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  • Say Yes to Renewing the Singapore F1 Grand Prix

    By: Faizal Bin Yahya | May 08, 2017 | Hits: 1183

    In a few months’ time, the Singapore F1 night race will be upon us and the Government has to decide whether it wishes to extend the current contract for another five years. The Singapore Grand Prix (GP) has always had its naysayers, who question its financial pay-offs and point to negative externalities for the general…..

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  • Singapore’s Future, and Lessons from Boston

    By: Peter Ho | May 04, 2017 | Hits: 8204

    Perhaps the central and most obvious paradox of Singapore is that its national boundaries coincide perfectly with its city limits. And what is more, the fantasy and glamour of Singapore’s global city status often stand in sharp contrast to the insecurities that define its statehood. Sovereign city-states are anomalies, surviving despite their very small size,…..

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  • Time to Revive the Conversation on Dual Citizenship?

    By: Athena Foo | May 03, 2017 | Hits: 2503

    As Singaporeans continue to forge our national identity, discussing dual citizenship may help us to think deeper about what it means to be Singaporean. Of late, commentaries in the media and online have argued for dual citizenship to be allowed in Singapore — this would result in economic benefits, better integration of migrants, and maintain…..

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  • School Mergers: More Questions than Answers Provided

    By: Leong Chan-Hoong | Apr 25, 2017 | Hits: 3237

    I wrote about the demise of our heritage schools three years ago, and how policymakers had — in a one stroke of the pen — erased a suite of pioneer institutions built by our forefathers who had faithfully devoted themselves to the education mission. The announcement last Thursday by the Ministry of Education (MOE) on…..

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  • Imagining Endless Possible Futures

    By: Peter Ho | Apr 20, 2017 | Hits: 727

    The central thesis in Professor Clayton Christensen’s seminal book, The Innovator’s Dilemma, is that successful organisations are doomed to fail in the long run, because there is tremendous inertia to change a formula that has worked well. In other words, the incumbents of today are locked-in to their mental models and success formulas. They are…..

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  • The Black Elephant Challenge for Governments

    By: Peter Ho | Apr 11, 2017 | Hits: 5099

    Stephen Hawking, the world-famous theoretical physicist, said: “I think the next century (the 21st century) will be the century of complexity.” But what is complexity? And what is its relevance to governance? Complex is different from complicated. An engineering system is merely complicated. It could be an A-380 or a telecommunications satellite. Its inner workings…..

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  • Why Some Causes Resonate

    By: Carol Soon | Apr 10, 2017 | Hits: 1230

    Amendments to the Public Order Act now bar foreigners from using assemblies and processions in Singapore to promote political causes. In announcing the change to the law in Parliament on Monday, Law and Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam highlighted media reports of 50 Singapore companies funding the annual Pink Dot event as an example of…..

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  • Fake News Tells More Than Just Lies

    By: Shawn Goh Ze Song | Mar 29, 2017 | Hits: 1614

    At the Committee of Supply (COS) debate earlier this month, several Members of Parliament (MPs) expressed concerns over the rise of fake news, noting that it may have influenced voter behaviour during the Brexit referendum and the 2016 United States Presidential Election. MP Ong Teng Koon (Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC) also said that fake news has…..

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